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Gruene Leaf

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New Arrivals

Canna Elite – Hard Candy – 10ct


Carpet Moodmat


GL 2023 Party T-shirt


TSV – Moodmat


InvestInHeadies – Cat Moodmats


The Dabhali – Rig Rugs


Trichstarz Small Circle Moodmats


Moodquarium – Fish Moodmats


8′ Circle MoodMats


Vincent Gordan – True Hustle Moodmat


Tejas Tonic T-shirt


Orange Pistil – Ranch Rub


CBD Living – Dog Nose & Paw Salve


    We are Gruene Leaf Health and Wellness,

    a family-owned Texas Cannabis boutique here in New Braunfels. We strive to provide the best products for you, your family and your pets needs!

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    We pride ourselves working with local artisans and entrepreneurs as an opportunity to have their items featured in our boutique. We are not your average cannabis boutique! Ranging from teas, coffees, and candies to tinctures and oils to help yourself, and your animal’s needs.

    About Us

    Gruene Leaf Health and Wellness is an upscale cannabis boutique and wellness store offering unique, high quality cannabis products.
    Happy Fathers Day to all the daddies!🩵👏🏼 we will be closed today 06/16/2024. We will be back open tomorrow at 12pm🩵🩵
    We will be closed tomorrow! Come back May 28th 2024 and we will be back to regular hours! Yall have a safe and fun 3 day weekend 💚
    The new outdoor lounge/putting area is coming together nicely!! We can’t wait to have everyone here 💚✨
    Good morning everyone today we will be closed for Mother’s Day! Come back Monday 12pm-6pm💚

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Word to ya mothers💙
    We have PXG drivers for sale! Come by or DM us for more information about them👏🏼💚 Opening soon! Keep up with our socials to get the latest updates. ⛳️
    Hey guys! Yall be sure to enter in our raffle to win this awesome Model T 1925👏🏼 $100 per ticket and the drawing will be done on 4/20 or until we run out of tickets!
    We hope everyone enjoys their beautiful Easter Sunday ☀️

We will return back on Monday from 12-6! 
    Scan here or come see us in store for a ticket!💚🔥🎟️

WE LOVE YOU and can’t wait to see all the incredible things you choose to accomplish this next year of life 🌱💜
    Y’all go wish Maddie a Happy Birthday!!! 🥳🥳 
Here’s to another trip around the sun! 💫🌞

Hey guys!! For spring break this year we are revamping the shop and adding on a new business! We will have Par Tee Haus on the same property 👏🏼 

We will still be available to deliver to anyone needing products, please reach out to us through DM or give the shop a call.

We will be closed the entire week/weekend of spring break! So please come see us before then. Yall have a safe week and we’re very excited for everyone to see @nbparteehaus
    The birds were a paid actor 🐦🐦

We have this beautiful piece here made by : @adamh_glass courtesy of @dablowescobar 
Size: 10ml
Pendant: @nancyglasstx 
Thread: @madz__threadz 

Y’all have a wonderful day!
    Happy Birthday to the Bossmann himself! The best boss, grandpa, dad, and friend we could ask for! 

Cheers to another year and catch the crew downtown New Braunfels today! Happy Saturday and yall stay safe👏🏼👏🏼💚
    💚 Gorgeous piece here by @indo_glass 🔥

-DM if interested 💚
    🐻Beautiful collection of pendys here by @shurlokholm courtesy of @dablowescobar 💚

    The Gruene Leaf girls went to the SA Rodeo last night and got an experience of a lifetime with the country legend @nealmccoy! 

Don’t mind their terrible singing…but who wouldn’t be giving their all in this moment 🤣
    Incarcerated over a plant... We hope that soon the stigmas will be broken, and we can all heal naturally. Stay safe out there and get educated!
    Surround yourself with people that can see your vision, and want to bring it to life👏🏼 It’s all about collaboration over competition 💪🏼 Get out there and get connected cause there’s a lot of opportunities waiting to be found 💪🏼💚 

Yall have a happy Friday and stay dry!
    It was an honor to have the Dank OG out here in New Braunfels with us yesterday👏🏼 Only Dank dropped the worlds first Terps and Hop Drink👏🏼 

The perfect way to coast the rest of dry January 🤌🏼💙 Come by the shop and try it out for yourself!Comes in a single can or in a 4 pack👏🏼✨ 

0 Carbs 😱
0 Sugars ❌
0 Calories 😉

We’d also like to thank Gabe for cooking us an amazing enchilada casserole👏🏼💚 Everyone who came by and tried out Only Dank’s new drink also left with their bellies full💚
    Only Dank in the house with the guys from Dat Dj!
    My Rewards