Pur Iso Labs – D8 Tincture – 1000mg


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Delta 8 is an active cannabinoid with effects that sit somewhere in between CBD and Delta 9 THC. If you’ve ever tried an edible, you’ve probably noticed there’s something about them that just hits so much harder than usual. This tincture hits like an edible….but much faster! We infuse organic MCT oil with our premium delta 8 distillate to leverage the body’s fat-absorption pathways and optimize the dose efficiency.

The effects are strong enough to alter perception and reach higher states of consciousness, but also perfectly suited to just vibe and chill with a good movie or video game. Also excellent for sleep.

33mg of Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC per 1ml dropperful

Place dose under tongue, place tongue to roof of your mouth, tilt head back and wait 30 seconds

**Remember to go slow with dosing Delta 8!

**Wait at least 90 minutes between doses